Bloomberg Survery

We don’t need the economic setting to be perfect for the market to move higher.  We just need it to be better than is currently priced in.

The Fed, Rates, and Value

We don’t see the recent jolt in inflation as sustainable and as as result we expect investor fears to gradually calm down over the next year. In the meantime, ICON will continue to focus on value.

Why Claims that “The Market Was Expensive” Were Wrong

Based on intrinsic value being the present (or discounted) value of their future earnings, the rally of 2020 is very sensible.  Investors are pricing in the future, not the present.

Economic Surprise!

Rather than reading the news, ICON uses intrinsic value. From horrible to mediocre to good, we believe value tells us what expectations are built into stock prices.

Real Interest Rates: A “Perfect Storm” for Fixed Income Investors

Driven largely by the lack of real interest rates, bond investors are faced with a “Perfect Storm,” resulting in historically low interest rates with real interest rates explaining the largest part of the problem. This paper will discuss this environment.

ICON Story

ICON Advisers is a boutique firm based in Greenwood Village, Colorado, and since its inception, ICON has employed a unique and disciplined investment approach to the way we manage assets.

The ICON Valuation Methodology