Corporate Buy Backs

The activity of public corporations repurchasing previously issued shares has become a topic of controversy lately as two U.S. senators have proposed…

Monetary Policy: Neutral or Normal?

T-Bills are generally considered to be risk-free investments. An investor knows what the return will be over the short holding period, and the bills are backed by the full taxation power of the U.S. Federal Government.

Everybody’s Talkin’

The purpose of this article is to help remind financial advisers and their investors of the power of long-term investing and the potential cost of investor fear.

Recovery Rallies

Soon after the market bottom of March 2009, we stated that the sharp week-long market drop in October 2008 resembled the market “crash” of October 1987.

Top 15 Reasons Why Investors Have Missed the Bull Market

From the recession bottom March 9, 2009, through May 26, 2017, the S&P 1500 Index has gained 332.1%, meaning $1.00 invested in the index and held over that period would have grown to $4.32.

Bank Profitability and Interest Rates

Contrary to more common opinions, we believe that Financials stocks’ profitability can be independent of interest rates, even in low rate environments.

Deficiencies of P/E in Predicting Returns

Throughout the nearly eight-year stock market advance from the recession low of March 2009 through the record highs of March 2017, we have seen some analysts caution investors with regard to owning stocks.

Limited Resources How Passive Investing Interferes with Our Free Market System

Each country has to decide how to allocate its resources; land, labor and capital. Given these resources are limited, they are precious and need to be allocated in an efficient manner.

Bond Bubble?

We have heard a lot of chatter recently regarding the corporate bond market. In particular, we are hearing concerns about the amount of debt companies are taking on and their ability to honor their obligations.

FINALLY! A money manager classification system that sorts managers by their investment strategy.

With some input and urging from me, and a lot of research on his own, Tom Howard Ph. D. of AthenaInvest developed a system to classify money managers by strategy.