Unloved Bull Markets

The new book from Dr. Craig Callahan available from Wiley Publishing in 2022

In Unloved Bull Markets, Dr. Callahan explores the economic indicators that disguise, fuel, start, and end a bull market—including inflation, interest rates, the behavior of the Fed and monetary policy, and unemployment—as well as six common investing tropes that lead investors astray and result in many of them missing out on some of the best market opportunities to come along in decades. 

Overview and Critical Response 

“Make hay while the sun shines” is a cliché for a reason. And it holds true in the markets, where opportunities for investment gains arise unpredictably yet repeatedly. Despite this, many investors find themselves staring wistfully at bull markets in the rearview mirror as they quickly recede into the past.

As a seasoned money manager, Dr. Callahan explains a straightforward and incisive set of strategies for exploiting a frequently disguised – and critically important – feature of the market: bull markets. The book offers a crash-course in taking full advantage of periods of rising stock prices, helping you seize opportunities immediately as they arise instead of regretting a lack of action in the future. He also discusses the perennial debate between proponents of active management and passive, index investing.

Unloved Bull Markets is an indispensable exploration of one of the least appreciated skills in investing. It’s the perfect book for investors who seek to base their decisions on data and logic, rather than fears and intuition.

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